Morrifield Polycarbonate Greenhouse

We have now become agents for selling Morrifield Twinwall Polycarbonate (Polygal) greenhouses.
Any prospective customers are most welcome to come and see our one for themselves. We are absolutely amazed with how fast the plants grow. After three weeks we already had fruit on some of our tomatoes and it will not be long before we are eating our strawberries. It’s a new experience having a greenhouse. It has been so enjoyable spending time with the children, planting seeds, seedlings, watering, watching and learning together, seeing how quickly our little plants are growing.

Why we chose a Morrifield Polycarbonate Twinwall Greenhouse

Morrifield advertise they build New Zealand’s strongest greenhouse. We live in an extremely windy location close to the sea, so having one of their twinwall polygal greenhouses was our best option to stand up against the winds. It will be put to the test. (As an extra, we will also put up a shelter fence for added protection for our garden & greenhouse).

We have talked to some very experienced gardeners and seen their Morrifield Twinwall greenhouse which is approx 20 years old. It has been dismantled, reassembled and shifted twice and is still in great condition. It is located right next to the beach and has stood up to some very strong storms. They liked it so much they brought a second one.

Morrifield would also make a larger size to suit our needs. Standard sizes are 2.5m, 3.6m, 4.8m, 6.m. (We brought a 7.2m long). They are a New Zealand Company with 30 years experience making greenhouses.

It has been my dream for over 15 years to have our own greenhouse. We are a family of 5 and have 3 young active children. I want to grow as many organic fruits and vegetables as possible from our property to provide for the family.

Advantages of a greenhouse

Below are a few assembly photos of our greenhouse being built.

We have chosen to build our greenhouse on a 600mm high concrete foundation with an extra long door. As shown in our photos. They can also be built on a timber foundation which is a lot quicker and easier to build. Greenhouses built on a timber foundation can be seen on the Morrifield photos of the 2.5 metre and 6 metre greenhouses – click here to open the Morrifield Twinwall pdf.

Click the images to enlarge them and see a brief description…

This is what Morrifield have to say about their Twinwall greenhouse

We believe that this is New Zealand’s strongest greenhouse. A very attractive model and available in a range of sizes and prices to suit your budget. Delivered partially assembled for easy installation. Twinwall sheeting provides a double glazing effect which will retain the heat better and extend your growing season. The roof vent which extends the length of the greenhouse will provide excellent ventilation. It is extremely durable and will stand up to New Zealand’s ever changing weather conditions.

Greenhouse Price List

2.4m x 2.5m long – $2,855.

2.4m x 3.6m long – $3,455

2.4m x 4.8m long – $4,085

2.4m x 6m long – $4,655

2.4m x 7.2m long – $5,555

2.4m x 8.4m long – $6,155

All Twinwall greenhouses include 1 door, 1 screen door, 1 full length roof vent.

Optional extra’s

Tanalised 150mm x 50mm timber base

2.5m $145         3.6m $180        4.8m $215

6m $255            7.2m $285        8.4m $325

Doors in back end add $450.

Freight is not included in the above pricing However we are happy to provide a competitive quote.

All prices include GST.



Greenhouse Features

For any sales, enquiries or to view the greenhouse, please contact:

Kristine Milne
Ph 03 76 26 236