Recipes for fresh vegies


Winter is upon us and it’s been cold and wet, so I thought I would share a few winter meals we have enjoyed, mainly using vegetables from our winter garden. These meals are quick and easy and our children and their friends enjoy helping to prepare a meal. They also learn about the health benefits of eating fruit and vegetables.

Nowadays many people choose to buy organic vegetables but by growing your own you can decide what chemicals, if any to use on your plants.

I have added a few photos of the children and their friends, picking vegetables, cooking and eating their meals.


I love using mince because it is so versatile and affordable and there are so many ways to prepare it. Mince can be a great way of camouflaging vegetables for little people who do not eat veggies. (Or, not that they know about.)

I have made a bulk amount of this basic recipe and you will see there are many ways to alter it by adding different ingredients.

Mince recipe

Utilise whatever vegetables you have on hand–in summer use fresh tomatoes and in winter try using frozen ones.

I make my own vegetable stock by saving the water I have cooked vegetables in and freezing any surplus.

Wash and scrub your vegetables, then either grate or cut up finely. (A food processor makes short work of this and children love using them because they are noisy and fast.)

Place prepared vegetables in a large pot, add the mince, salt and pepper, soup mix, half a cup of tomato puree and any fresh herbs you may have on hand such as parsley, chives, basil and oregano.


Divide mixture into two equal amounts and put one half aside.

To cook the mince add extra tomato sauce/pasta sauce or puree and enough vegetable stock so that you have approximately 1 to 1 and a 1/2 litres of liquid. Cook on medium heat for 1 to 1and 1/2 hours or until it is well cooked.

This mince can be served on rice or toast.


As you can see there are many ways to use mince so experiment and enjoy.
One word of caution, children need close supervision when working near the hot stove or stirring hot food.

Even our little two year old wants to help cook

Cooking mince in pot and Meat Patties in the Electric Frypan


Using second portion of mince mixture

Mix all well together and form into patties.

Cook in a well oiled electric fry pan on medium heat for 15 to 20minutes until they are well cooked on both sides. They can also be baked in the oven, 20 to 30 minutes at 180c.

Or they can be cooked in a very well greased grill press.


Experiment and try using some of your favourite flavourings such as garlic or chilli seasoning.

Rolling up the Mince into Meat Patties

Helping turn over meat patties

Helping Turn over meat patties


You can vary the flavour by adding extra vegetables e.g. pumpkin, carrots.

Process all vegetables in a food processor or grate by hand and finely chop the silver beet, broccoli, leeks and onions.

Place all vegetables in stockpot and cover with stock. Add a little salt and the packets of soup mix.

Cook on medium heat for one to 2 hours until vegetables are well cooked. You may need to add extra boiling water if the soup becomes too thick. Stir frequently. Taste and adjust seasoning before serving.

During winter we often cook this soup on the flat plate on the wood burner and eat the soup with home made bread, cut into chunks for dunking.

This also makes a great after school fill up for the children and their friends before they go off to their after school activities.


Experiment and enjoy.

Vegies on chopping board are all from our winter garden

Adding soup mix


Cut vegetables into small cubed bits. You can vary the amount of each vegetable to suit your taste.  Pour enough olive oil into roasting dish to cover the base and coat the vegetables. Sprinkle with rock salt. Roast in a 200c oven for 1 to 1and 1/2 hours, turning while cooking. (I usually do this and also remove dish from oven)

It is amazing how children enjoy cooking if they are given the opportunity and they are ten times more likely to eat vegetables if they have grown, picked and cooked them themselves.

Give it a try.

Cutting up vegetables into chunks

Vegetable chips